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"PRINCESS CYBERSPACE is pop’s newest and most relatable duo comprising of LA cool girl Rebecca L’Amore and producer STEL★LEO. Unapologetic, and catty, L’Amore is truly the femme icon after every freshly single girl’s heart. Princess Cyberspace‘s latest single ‘Blocked/Unblocked’ is a satirical and sassy nod to the social media generation and navigating awkward break ups both IRL and online. For anyone who’s been through a messy break up, it’s always hard to know when’s the time to unfollow/unfriend/block and delete that person from your life, ‘Blocked/Unblocked’ captures this petty sentiment pretty perfectly, and it’s a certified banger.

Much like the themes of their songs, Princess Cyberspace‘s style is futuristic and forward thinking. The single weaves together 80s inspired synths and deliciously funky bass guitar. L’Amore‘s stylised techy vocal is the driving force of the tune, giving ‘Blocked/Unblocked’ it’s distinct satirical millenial flavour.

Princess Cyberspace turns technology and musical production on it’s head with their unique brand of cyber-pop. And we couldn’t be more excited to step into the uncertain future with Princess Cyberspace providing the soundtrack."

Words by ROSIE RAE