BEHIND THE SCENES:  'CASH OUT' THE FILM.  February 19, 2017.  Photographer:  Luka Fisher.  Makeup:  Desiree Amorette.

CELLO JEANS.  February 12, 2017.  Photographer:  Jaafar Alnabi. Makeup:  Laura Valdovinos.  Stylist:  Rebecca Morgiewicz.

Rebecca L'Amore In Bikini

THINGS THAT ARE NOT AESTHETIC.  February 10, 2017.  Wardrobe:  Dad Brand Apparel & Socialite Clothing.  Hair & Makeup:  Champaine Ivy.  Stylist:  Rebecca Morgiewicz.


L'Amore.  January 2017.  Published in REBEL & CO. MAGAZINE.  Photographer:  Michael Iloba.  Hair & Makeup:  Britt Kaye.  Los Angeles, CA. 

Friday Night In.  December 29, 2016.  Published in TOKSICK MAGAZINE.  Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Hair & Makeup:  Britt Kaye.  Stylist:  Rebecca Morgiewicz.  Los Angeles, CA. 

CYBER SKIES.  December 16, 2016.  Published in VULKAN MAG.  Photographer:  Dom Wise.  Hair & Makeup:  Britt Kaye.  Stylist:  Rebecca L'Amore.  T-shirts:  Dakkar Studios. Canada. 

Music Saved My Soul.  December 2016.  Published in #GIRL Mag. Photographs by Dom Wise. 

Princess Cyberspace.  December 2016. Published in Philocaly Mag. Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Hair & makeup:  Britt Kaye.

Best Of VOGUE Italia.  December 14, 2016.  Published in VOGUE Italia.  Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Hair & Makeup:  Karin Price.  Venice, CA.

VOGUE ITALIA publication - Dom Wise x Think Tank DTLA

VOGUE ITALIA publication - Ann Liu #2 x Babes On Legs

Princess CyberspaceDecember 2016. Published in C'est Moi Magazine. Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Hair & Makeup:  Britt Kaye.  Stylist:  Mackenzie Crawford (Babes on Legs).  France.   

Princess Cyberspace.  December 2016.  Published in COCO Fashion Magazine.  Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Hair & Makeup:  Britt Kaye. Los Angeles, CA.

Your Dress, Your Breast.  October 26, 2016.  Published in VOGUE Italia.  Photographer:  Tian Liu.  Hair & Makeup:  Lisa Barker.  Los Angeles, CA. 

Lazy Sunday.  Published in Elléments Magazine NYC.  October 2016.  Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Stylist:  Rocket Jackson.  Makeup:  Karin Price.  Venice, CA.


Tian Liu.  November 2016.  Photographer:  Tian Liu.  Wardrobe:  Nathalia Jmag.  Makeup artist:  Britt Kaye.  Hollywood, CA.

Bree McCool.  January 2017.  Photographer:  Bree McCool.  Stylist:  Rebecca Morgiewicz.  Makeup artist:  Suzie Moldavon.  Westwood, CA. 

FreezeFrame.  September 2016. Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Designer:  FreezeFrame.  Stylist:  Veena Venkersammy. Los Angeles, CA.

Lazy Sunday.  Published in Elléments Magazine NYC.  October 2016.  Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Stylist:  Rocket Jackson.  Makeup:  Karin Price.  Venice, CA.

Rebecca Valsky.  October 2, 2016.  Photographer:  Rebecca Valsky.  West Hollywood, CA.

Jessica Robles.  October 2016.  Photographer:  Jessica Robles.  Stylist:  Rocket Jackson.  Makeup:  Karin Price.  Venice, CA. 

Tony Camaro.  September 2016.  Photographer:  Tony Camaro.  Designer:  Tony Camaro.  Los Angeles, CA.

Scooby Miranda.  August 2016.  Photographer: Scooby Miranda.  Makeup:  Brazil Amir.  West Hollywood, CA.  

Kathleen de SavignacAugust 2016.  Photographer:  Kathleen de Savignac.  Makeup:  Brazil Amir. Venice, CA.

Bethany Reed.  July 2016.  Photographer:  Bethany Reed.  Los Angeles, CA.

Prishtina Gjonaj.  July 2016.  Photographer:  Prishtina Gjonaj.  Los Angeles, CA.

Thomas R. Wood.  July 2016.  Photographer:  Thomas R. Wood.  Los Angeles, CA.

Gina Canavan.  June 2016.  Photographer:  Gina Canavan.  Los Angeles, CA.

Michael J Demeo.  January 2016.  A woman in menswear.  For Fence Mag.  Creative direction:  Byron Rodriguez.  Boston, MA.

CoCo Magazine 1.png


CELLO JEANS.  February 12, 2017.  Photographer:  Jaafar Alnabi. Makeup:  Laura Valdovinos.  Stylist:  Rebecca Morgiewicz.

Socialite Clothing.  January 2017.  

Dad Brand Apparel.  January 2017.

Hita Leather.  November 2016.  Photographer:  Evan Seinfeld.  Designer:  Hita Leather.  Hair and makeup artist:  Bernice Sasan Argayoso.  Downtown Los Angeles, CA. 

Socialite Clothing October 2016.  Photographer:  Jessica Wu.  Designer:  Socialite Clothing.  Makeup artist:  Jasmine Guerrero.  West Hollywood, CA. 

Cess Martin.  July 2016.  Photographer:  Ozaman Yıldırın.  Stylist:  Doyoung Lee.  Los Angeles, CA.

Asphalt Studio.  June 2016.  Photographer:  Oriana Koren.  Silver Lake, CA. 

Palihouse Santa Monica.  April 2016.  Photographer:  Mimi & Coy.  Santa Monica, CA.

Top Shelf Vintage Co.  February 2016.  Photographer:  Annie Schiesler.  Providence, RI.


COLOURS LA.  October 2016.  Published on  Photographer:  Suzy Khorotian.  Stylist:  Gleveen McBeth.  Los Angeles, CA.

Shop Dalmata.  October 2016.  Published on Photographer:  Bethany Reed.  Designer:  Maisey Campuzano.  Los Angeles, CA.  


H&M x KENZO.  November 2016.  For H&M x Kenzo.  News outlet:  KTLA.  Los Angeles, CA.  March 2016.  For #TheBooHooStoreLA.  News outlet:  KTLA.  Los Angeles, CA.

H&M Loves Coachella.  March 2016.  For #HMLovesCoachella collection.  News outlet:  KTLA.  Los Angeles, CA.


SAFAR Boston.  March 2015.  Black Swan Campaign.  Photographer:  Carol Evans.  Hair:  Serge Safar.  Boston, MA.  


Art Hearts Fashion.  October 1, 2016.  For Mister Triple X. Los Angeles, CA.

LA Style Fashion Week.  March 2016.  For Farah Angsana.  Los Angeles, CA.


InTrend Magazine.  April 2016.  For "Beach Glam" editorial.  Photographer:  Meera Fox.  Malibu, CA.